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Welcome to Orcutt Creek Ranch, this is a family web site. We built this site to display our hobies.

La Graciosa 4H Club

Market Goats

Dirt Bikes



Camping /Vacations


Last updated 05/2010







Our family is involved in 4H. My daughter Megan wanted to do something with animals, and she joined our local 4H Club. Megan started out as a primary member. We have been in 4H for 8 years now and the entire family is in 4H.

Megan has several Guinea Pigs and was showing them in open shows all over California. We have graduated to large livestock. Megan is raising Meat Goats and her brother Patrick is raising Swine. We raise these animals to take to the County Fair. We start our projects in January and end them at Fair.

My boys are into dirt biking and Mountain Biking. They like to work on there bikes and fix them all the time.